All-in-One Window 2

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Roller Shutters

We've finally added support for roller shutters, which come in 4 easy to use types that can be shown via the new parameter Roller Shutter Visibility.

The all new Roller Shutter

This single parameter will most likely be the only parameter that you will need to show the roller shutter of your choice but if you need, there is more flexibility built in which we will demonstrate in more detail in one of our upcoming video tutorials.

Type 1

Type 2

Type 3

Type 4

Exterior and interior taper reveal bottom

We've added tapered reveals to the exterior and interior bottom wall opening, which can be set individually via new instance parameters Exterior Taper Reveal Bottom and Interior Taper Reveal Bottom.

Exterior sill height/depth

We've reduced the minimum height and depth of the exterior sill from previously 50mm to now just 10mm.

Bay improvements


We've added support for trims when setting up a bay configuration (left: before, right: after).

Cavity closer visibility

We've fixed an issue where the cavity closer would also show at the intersection between bay windows.

Rough opening

We've fixed an issue where the rough opening void would cut incorrectly through the intersection between bay windows.

Joined wall improvements

We've fixed an issue where the trim and main frame position wouldn't be offset by Exterior Void Offset.

Glazing Bars

We've fixed an issue where glazing bars weren't positioned with equal spacing.

Visibility/Graphics categories

We've fixed an issue where frame lines were not showing correctly as per set Visibility/Graphics categories.

Pane visibility in medium and coarse mode

We've fixed an issue where window panes wouldn't show correctly in medium and coarse mode.

Cavity closer visibility

We've added instance parameters to control the visibility of cavity closers individually for bottom, left, top and right.

Parameter changes


Almost all parameters (except height and width which are at the top of the list) are now organised in logical, alphabetical and numerical ordered groups which should greatly simplify the usage.

Change to Instance

The following parameters have been changed from type to instance to allow more flexibility:

  • Frame Position
  • Cavity Closer Bottom Visibility
  • Cavity Closer Left Visibility
  • Cavity Closer Right Visibility
  • Cavity Closer Top Visibility
  • Cavity Closer Depth
  • Cavity Closer Width
  • Cavity Closer Position From Exterior

Unified Shared Parameter names

Shared parameter names have been unified to be consistent with other families.

While at it, we've added Panel Double Glazing and renamed parameters:

Glass Area to Glass Area With Glazing Bars
Glass Area Minus Glazing Bars to Glass Area Without Glazing Bars
Openable Area to Opening Area

Other improvements and changes

Constraints error

We've fixed an issue where opening the family with family editor from one of the sample projects would cause a constraint error.

Revit version

Version 2 supports now all Revit & Revit LT versions from 2018.

This is a free update for all customers who purchased the All-in-One Window as single family or as part of a bundle.