Sliding Door Collection

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Today we release the second member of our new Revit Family Collections, the all new Sliding Door.

The new Sliding Door Collection starts out with 4 dedicated sliding door families:

  • Patio Sliding Door single sided
  • Patio Sliding Door double sided
  • Pocket Sliding Door single sided
  • Pocket Sliding Door double sided

These new families are newly built from the ground up, following the new modular system that was introduced with the new Bi-Fold Door Collection popup: true last month.

Productivity for Revit Teams

We have taken extra care to make sure that all the parameters as well as functionalities are consistent with the ones introduced with the Bi-Fold Door Collection.

A consistent parameter naming as well as predictable and unified behavior is something that is at the core of the new family collections, allowing Revit Teams to be more productive than with any other Revit families, when working with our new collections.

Replacing the All-in-One Bi-Fold & Sliding Door Family

With the availability of this new Sliding Door Collection together with the Bi-Fold Door Collection released last month, we are now able to offer the full functionality of the All-in-One Bi-Fold & Sliding Door Family, keeping and improving the great parts, and removing complexity. The new dedicated families contained in the collection are much easier to use and offer a performance gain of more than 20x compared to the All-in-One Bi-Fold & Sliding Door Family (which is being removed from sale with the availability of the new Sliding Door Collection).

The new Bi-Fold & Sliding Door Collections are now also part of the All-in-One Professional Bundle popup: true and All-in-One Door & Window Bundle popup: true providing you with a massive saving of 33% instead of the 20% collection discount.

Introductory Pricing

As always, we do offer a massive introductory discount of 67% during the first 48h of availability, which is normally exclusive to our email subscribers, however for this release we are going to also share the coupon code with all our Twitter followers.

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