All-in-One Sash Window 7

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We are in full swing with some new products that we are super exited to share more about very soon. In the meantime we have a few updates to our All-in-One families lined up with this new version 7 of the All-in-One Sash Window being the first one.

Top Arc Taper Reveal

We've added support for tapered, arched head reveals. In previous versions, the tapered reveal was handled as straight head even when the window head was arched.

Tapered Reveal with Trim

We've fixed an issue where the trim wouldn't take the offset of tapered reveals into account. Trims are now positioned correctly with and without tapered reveals / arched heads.

Glazing Bars

We've fixed an issue where glazing bars weren't positioned with equal spacing.

Main Frame Arc in Section

We've fixed an issue where the arched main frame wouldn't show corretcly in section when Sash Weights Visibility is ON.

Fix Sash Top/Bottom Height

We've added a new parameter Sash Height Including Arc which allows you to control if Sash Height Bottom % and Sash Height Top % are related to the straight frame height or the total window height including the arc.

Window height limit

We've dramatically redecued the window height limit for arched windows.

Overall optimizations

Additional to the mentioned fixes and improvements, this update includes also a series of optimizations like:

  • reduced usage of voids, replaced with single extrusions (like Trim, Main Frame, Arc Frame Filling, Sash Pane)
  • reduced number of geometries
  • removed paramters (due to optimized geometries)
  • named reference planes

Revit version

Version 7 supports now all Revit & Revit LT versions from 2018.

This is a free update for all customers who purchased the All-in-One Sash Window as single family or as part of a bundle.