Our new home

Michael Loistl /

We are back with a new website, a foundation for new content and more to come soon.

Revit Content was initially launched back in 2009 with the intention of providing high quality Revit Families that are reusable and more versatile than stock families, and although we have released a good number of high quality Revit Families as well as countless updates to those, the original website has been more or less unchanged.

Today we are very happy to finally reveal our new website, which is the first step in a series of new developments that we will roll out over the coming months.

The new website has a complete new responsive design, a clean navigational structure and introduces this blog as a new way of communicating what's new and what we are working on.

While I'm at the subject of communicating, here are the preferred ways to get support or follow us:

The product pages for our existing All-in-One Families have been converted to the new design, are however featuring the same content, including the existing PDF parameter references as well as video tutorials.

This will change with the new families that we are working on as those will come in a new format including a new online parameter reference. Additionally we are also exploring a cookbook approach with recipes focusing on specific use cases and setups, rather than having to give a general overview.

As mentioned above, the new web site (including new design, navigation, blog and live chat) is only the first step of what we have planned. We are working on a complete new content distribution to make it easier to download your purchased content as well as regular content updates, a more flexible store so you can create your own custom bundles, better support for invoicing, and much more. I will write more detailed blog posts for each of those new developments as we get closer to their availabilities.