All-in-One Escalator & Travelator 3

Michael Loistl / /


Flat Steps

We've added two new type parameters Flat Steps Count Bottom and Flat Steps Count Top that allow you to control the number of flat steps individualy for bottom and top.

Shared parameters

We've added the following shared parameters:

  • Width
  • Height
  • Angle
  • Run Length Calculated
  • Truss Length Top
  • Truss Length Bottom
  • Flat Steps Count Top
  • Flat Steps Count Bottom

Other improvements and changes

Parameter cleanup

We've optimized some of the formulas and removed consiquently the following paramters:

  • Rail Radius Bottom Calc
  • Rail Radius Top Calc
  • Balustrade Height Run Max Calc
  • Balustrade Height Run Min Calc
  • Rail Height Landing Calc

Revit Version

Version 3 supports now all Revit & Revit LT versions from 2018.