Sliding Door Collection 2.1

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We've fixed an issue where lines for frame and panels were hidden when host wall has "Phase Created: Existing".

Instead of the simple opening tool, this family uses various voids for the wall opening, to provide features like rough distance, render offsets, and taper reveals. This causes issues in the following scenarios:

  • When placing the same door (copied instance or newly loaded) in the exact same place with different creation and demolition phases.
  • When wall opening lines are hidden and host wall has "Phase Created: Existing", and door has "Phase Created: New Construction" (usually used in renovation).

Note: Solutions for these scenarios described in manual.

Shared Parameters

We've renamed and add some shared parameters that makes it a consistent format with other our families.

Renamed parameters:

Previous New Type
Glass Area With Glazing Bar .Glass Area With Glazing Bar Area
Glass Area Without Glazing Bar .Glass Area Without Glazing Bar Area
Opening Area .Opening Area Area
Panel Double Glazing .Panel Double Glazing Yes/No

Added parameters:

New Type
.Door Panel Thickness Length
.Frame Depth Length
.Rough Height Length
.Rough Width Length

Constraint errors

We've fixed an issues related to panel constraints, resolving a warning when panel count in range 1-5 and an error when panel count equals 10.

Revit version

Version 2.1 supports now all Revit & Revit LT versions from 2020.