New Pricing

Michael Loistl /

With the introduction of Collections we also start to apply a new pricing structure. With this post I want to explain the new structure and hopefully answer as many questions as possible for existing and new customers as well as purchases. If you have a question that isn't answered, please contact our support.


Each family (like the new Single Bi-Fold Door Family) can be purchased separately or as Collection (like the Bi-Fold Door Collection).

A Collection gives you the benefit of a guaranteed 20% discount on families included at the time of purchase and on families added to that collection in the future.

To clarify "...guaranteed 20% discount on families added in the future"; you will still be able to benefit from any introductory discounts when new families are released, however in case you miss those introductory discounts, you will still be eligible for the guaranteed 20% discount for the lifetime of the collection for the purchase of every new family added to that collection.


We continue to offer bundles with a discount of 33%, which is applied to the individual family prices and not the discounted collection price.

In the case of bundles including the All-in-One Bi-Fold & Sliding Door Family we are going to add the new Bi-Fold Door Collection free of charge (for new purchases) until the availability of the new Sliding Door Collection which is when we will remove the All-in-One Bi-Fold & Sliding Door Family and replace it entirely with the new Bi-Fold Door & Sliding Door Collections.


All-in-One Family purchases (individual or as bundle) are eligible for an upgrade to the equivalent Collection once available.

If your All-in-One purchase is dated 1st of January 2018 or later, this upgrade is free, otherwise you receive a 67% discount when upgrading.

This applies to new Collections replacing an existing All-in-One Family only.