All-in-One Escalator-Travelator Family

All of the built-in features in the All-in-One Revit Escalator & Travelator Family were designed from the ground up to take advantage of the advanced parametric capabilities of Revit. So you can create any kind of Escalator & Travelator with just one single Family that you can’t do with any other Escalator & Travelator Family.

The Escalator & Travelator System

There are many different Escalator and Travelator (Conveyer) Systems available by various Companies. This All-in-One Escalator & Travelator (Conveyer) Family is the only Revit Escalator & Travelator (Conveyer) Family available that combines all available Escalator & Travelator (Conveyer) Systems in just one advanced parametric Revit Family. The geometry of this Escalator & Travelator (Conveyer) Family is optimized and it takes advantage of the advanced parametric capabilities of Revit without using duplicated elements. This All-in-One Revit Escalator & Travelator (Conveyer) Family was designed from the ground up to be adjusted to a Escalator or Travelator (Conveyer) System automatically just depending on the Angle.

The Truss

With its fully parametric Run and Landings, it lets you setup any Escalator and Travelator (Conveyer) with just a couple of Parameters. The Run can be adjusted from 0 to 45 degrees and the Landings can be setup separate from each other. The Truss supports all major Escalator & Travelator Manufacturer Models and let you setup even the size of the support consoles.

The Steps

The fully parametric Steps make this Escalator & Travelator Revit Family extraordinary. You can set an Angle where the Steps switch automatically to a Conveyer Belt which transforms this amazing optimized Revit Family seamless from an Escalator (for example with 30 degrees or 35 degrees) to a Travelator (Conveyer).

And that is not all the magic functionality of the parametric Steps. Either Steps or Conveyer Belt, they adjust automatically in Size and number to perfectly fit between the bottom and top landings without any adjustments necessary.

Flat Steps

From v3, the Escalator & Travelator Revit Family supports an individual number of flat steps for the top & bottom landing.

The Balustrade

The fully parametric Balustrade gives you 3 free adjustable Elements to setup exactly the Escalator or Travelator (Conveyer) you need. With two different Bottom based and one Rail based Balustrade Elements you can setup solid Balustrades as well as Glass Balustrades, which are chamfered, expanding the width between clear Step Width and clear Balustrade Width, etc.

The advanced parametric functionality allows you to adjust the Height of Balustrade independently for the Landings as well the Run and you can even adjust the exact start position for each side separate.

The Rail

The Rail can be adjusted in its Width and Height as well the Radius and Material. This will allow you to adjust it exactly to your requirements.

Preset Escalator & Travelator Types

This All-in-One Escalator & Travelator (Conveyer) Family lets you setup any Escalator & Travelator (Conveyer) System for your Revit Project, and even more convenient, it comes already with a preset Type Catalog so that you just need to select your Manufacturer as well as Escalator & Travelator (Conveyer) Model you need and everything is preset for you out of the box.

The Imperial Version of the Type Catalog comes with preset Escalator & Travelator (Conveyer) models for the US and the Metric Version with preset Escalator & Travelator (Conveyer) models for Europe.

Click on one of the following Links to learn more about the available preset Escalator & Travelator (Conveyer) Models for the All-in-One Revit Escalator & Travelator (Conveyer) Family:

Metric Type Catalog
Imperial Type Catalog

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All-in-One Escalator-Travelator Family

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