All-in-One Elevator Family

All of the built-in features in the All-in-One Revit Elevator Family were designed from the ground up to take advantage of the advanced parametric capabilities of Revit. So you can create any kind of Elevator with just one single Family that you can’t do with any other Elevator Family.

The Elevator System

There are many different Elevator Systems available by various Companies. This All-in-One Elevator Family is the only Revit Elevator Family available that combines all available Elevator Systems in just one advanced parametric Revit Family. The geometry of this Elevator Family is optimized and it takes advantage of the advanced parametric capabilities of Revit without using duplicated elements. This All-in-One Revit Elevator Family was designed from the ground up to be adjusted to the following Elevator Systems that you can switch between just by adjusting one Parameter:

The Shaft - Pit / Overhead

The Elevator is a central element in any multi-story project and therefor the Elevator Shaft isn’t just important for the elevator it self, it is often essential for the surrounding areas like staircase, entrance halls, etc.

The All-in-One Elevator lets you display the inner shaft volume as a reference to align your shaft walls as well as the bottom and top slabs. The Shaft Parameters give you all the necessary parameters to setup the Pit, Overhead as well as any Voids you might need for your Shaft Doors.

With this All-in-One Elevator Family you have no limitations in Shaft Height, Count of Levels as well as Shaft Doors. You can build any Elevator with any Shaft Door Configurations.

Telescopic Hole-less Hydraulic

This Elevator Type lets you setup a hole-less as well as telescopic hole-less Elevator with one, two or three hydraulic plungers positioned on both sides of the cabin. These parametric hydraulic cylinders are attached to the cabin by realistic cabin steel frame and can be adjusted in the position in reference to the side distance to the cabin as well as the general position in direction of the cabin access.

Holed Hydraulic

Switch with just one single parameter to a Holed Hydraulic Elevator that shows one hydraulic cylinder in the middle of the cabin which can be adjusted in its position as well as length going underneath the pit.

Roped Hydraulic

An additional hydraulic solution that is easy to setup is a Roped Hydraulic Elevator which allows you to have a one, two or three hydraulic plungers positioned on both sides of the cabin, combined with a Rope. This Elevator Type shows even the fully parametric rope moving up and down with the Cabin.

Traction / Machine Room less Elevators

The All-in-One Elevator isn’t just a hydraulic Elevator Solution - it’s also very easy to setup a Traction or Machine Room less Elevator which shows Ropes, Rollers as well as the Weight. All the components can be adjusted to your project specific Elevator Solution.

The Shaft Doors

The Shaft Doors are Wall based and let you insert your Shaft Doors at any Level as well as for various Elevator Configurations. This Way you are not limited in the number of levels, if you have split levels or you have a Front - Rear or Front - Side accessible Cabin, you can place just a Front Shaft Door on one Level and the Rear Shaft Door on another Level. It was never easier to configure an Elevator Shaft/Door within Revit.

Single / Double Telescope Doors

With just one Parameter, you can adjust the Door to be either Single or Double and with another Parameter the number of Panels. There are further Detail Parameters for Panel Offsets, Panel Overlap, Space between the Panels, etc. to be able to setup exactly what you need for your Project.

Door Frame

The Door Frame adjusts automatically to the Door configuration (Single / Double as well as the number of Panels) and gives you further parameters to adjust to your project specific requirements. You can get the Frame plus a separate Reveal Cover, which has a separate material that can be chosen separate from the Frame to get i.e. a stone reveal. Every of these two elements can be fully adjusted to give you the most parametric Elevator Shaft/Door Frame possible.

Control Unit

A further Part of the Elevator Shaft/Door Frame which can be activated and adjusted in its position as well as dimension.

Door Panel

The Door Panels can be adjusted to be solid (i.e. Metal, Glass) or with Frame and Glazing. Due to its advanced parametric functionality, the Panels adjust automatically to your Door settings and give you further Parameter for adjustments to your specific required detail. If you have activated the Door Frame with glazing, the width of the Frame adapts automatically to the various offsets, overlaps as well as Frame Rebate.

Wall Opening

The Wall Opening is one of the most important features for every Architect as well as structural engineer as this needs to be 100% accurate for the construction documentation. Therefore the All-in-One Elevator Shaft/Door Family gives you various Parameters to setup the Wall opening exactly to your needs or the specifications from the Elevator manufacturer.

Wall Niches

Additionally you get the possibility to setup various voids for the bottom, sides as well as head of the door inside the Shaft to adjust for the Doors, Guide rail, etc.

The Car/Cabin

This All-in-One Elevator Family offers not just the perfect solution for the Shaft and the Shaft Doors but it gives you the most parametric Elevator Car / Cabin available. The All-in-One Elevator Car / Cabin is fully parametric and can be adjusted to 3 different access types (Front, Front - Rear, Front - Side) and it can be adjusted from any squared shape to any rounded shape.

Cabin access - Front / Front - Rear / Corner

Another great feature the fully parametric Elevator Cabin offers you is the possibility to switch between Front-, Front and Rear-, and Corner Access.

It takes just one Parameter to change between these 3 Options, there are additional Parameters that let you fine tune the position of the Doors, offsets, Clear width and height, etc. to be able to adjust the Elevator exactly to your project specific needs.

Cabin Doors - Single Side or Double Central

As the Shaft Doors and the Cabin Doors are in one and the same Family, they are always synchronized in their settings as well as opening. With just one Parameter, you decide if the Doors (Cabin & Shaft) shall be central or side opening. The positioning of the Cabin Doors as well as the Shaft Doors will then be automatically adjusted.

Cabin Shape

The All-in-One Cabin is fully parametric and can be adjusted to various shapes. You can simply change the Materials of the Cabin to get for example a closed Cabin with Metal Panels or an fully glazed Panorama Cabin.

Elevator Accessories

There is even more Detail on the Accessories inside and outside of the Cabin.

The All-in-One Elevator Family includes a wall mounted as well as a free standing call pad which are fully parametric and adjustable in their position.

Inside the Cabin you can show a Handrail as well as a Kick-Plate which are both parametric and therefore adjustable to your requirements.

Preset Elevator Types

This All-in-One Elevator Family lets you setup any Elevator System for your Revit Project, and even more convenient, it comes already with a preset Type Catalog so that you just need to select your Manufacturer as well as Elevator Model you need and everything is preset for you out of the box.

The Imperial Version of the Type Catalog comes with preset Elevator models for the US and the Metric Version with preset Elevator models for Europe.

Click on one of the following Links to learn more about the available preset Elevator Models for the All-in-One Revit Elevator Family:

Metric Type Catalog
Imperial Type Catalog

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All-in-One Elevator Family

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