Window Frame

Parameters to control the the window frame.

Parameters Type Group
Frame Position Length Instance: Dimensions
Frame Depth Length Type: Dimensions
Frame Width Length Type: Dimensions
Frame Dimensions Yes/No Type: Constraints
Instance | Dimensions

Frame Position

The parameter Frame Position sets the offset between the exterior wall face and the exterior main frame face.

The min. value = 0 (zero), which means that the frame can be flash with the exterior wall face.

Frame Position min value

The max. value < wall thickness - frame depth, which means that the frame can not be flash with the interior wall face.

Frame Position max value
Type | Dimensions

Frame Depth

The parameter Frame Depth sets the depth of the main frame.

Frame Depth plan
Frame Depth top
Frame Depth bottom
Type | Dimensions

Frame Width

The parameter Frame Width sets the width of the main frame all around (top, bottom and sides).

Frame Width plan
Frame Width top
Frame Width bottom
Type | Constraints

Frame Dimensions

The parameter Frame Dimensions determines the outer size of the main frame.

When this parameter is enabled, the Width and Height parameters apply directly to the outer size of the frame.

When this parameter is disabled, the Width and Height parameters apply to the wall opening and the outer frame width = Width - (Rough Distance Sides x 2) and the outer frame height = Height - Rough Distance Top - Rough Distance Bottom.

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