Parameters to control the glass within a casement frame or as fix glazing.

Parameters Type Group
Glass Visibility Yes/No Type: Constraints
Glass Position Length Type: Dimensions
Glass Space Length Type: Dimensions
Glass Thickness Length Type: Dimensions
Glass Material Type: Materials and Finishes
Type | Constraints

Glass Visibility

The parameter Glass Visibility sets the general visibility of glass and allows for single and double glazing across all window panes.

Hide Glass Glass Visibility = 0
Show Single Glazing Glass Visibility = 1
Show Double Glazing Glass Visibility = 2
Type | Dimensions

Glass Position

The parameter Glass Position sets the offset of the glass from the exterior face of the window/casement frame. The minimum value is 0 which makes the glass flush with the frame exterior face.

Glass Position with Fix Glazing
Glass Position with Casement Glazing
Type | Dimensions

Glass Space

The parameter Glass Space sets the space between the glass for double glazing. This parameter is only applied when the parameter Glass Visibility is set to 2.

Glass Space
Type | Dimensions

Glass Thickness

The parameter Glass Thickness sets the thickness of each glass panel, applying to both Single Glazing and Double Glazing.

Glass Thickness with Single Glazing
Glass Thickness with Double Glazing
Type | Materials and Finishes


The material parameter Glass sets the material for all glazing.

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