Velux® Centre-pivot roof window
Velux® Centre-pivot roof window
Content Highlights

Fully Parametric Roof based Velux Family

Pre-configured Velux GGU Types

Parametric Swing to open at any Angle

Adjust the visibility of the Flashing

High Detail - Original Velux Profile for your Sections

Velux GGU
Content Specification
Content ID:
Content Title:
Velux® Centre-pivot roof window
Revit Version:
2009 and later
Family Type:
3D Roof based Family - Metric
Centre-pivot roof window, GGU
$ 75.00

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Size Code Frame dimensions
C04 550 mm x 978 mm
F04 660 mm x 978 mm
F06 660 mm x 1178 mm
F08 660 mm x 1398 mm
M04 780 mm x 978 mm
M06 780 mm x 1178 mm
M08 780 mm x 1398 mm
M10 780 mm x 1600 mm
P06 942 mm x 1178 mm
P08 942 mm x 1398 mm
P10 942 mm x 1600 mm
S06 1140 mm x 1178 mm
S08 1140 mm x 1398 mm
U04 1340 mm x 978 mm
U08 1340 mm x 1398 mm

Open the Swing

Control the Angle from the fully parameterized swing and open it at any position you would like.

Velux Opening Feature

Flashing On/Off

You can switch the Flashing on and off so that you can use the Window in every Situation.

Velux Opening Feature

Choose from the original Velux® Model size codes

Choose from 15 preconfigured window types with the original Model codes.

Velux Opening Feature

Roofbased Family

The Family is roof based and therfore the opening in the Roof will be done automatically. You can change the Roof however you want and the Roof window will follow this changes automatically.

Velux Opening Feature

High Detail

The Family is created on the real profiles of the Velux® GGU Roof window. That means, that you get all details in all views as sections, elevations, plan views and 3D views.