Parametric Pocket Single Sliding Door
Parametric Pocket Single Sliding Door
Single Sliding Doors
Content ID:
Revit Version:
2009 and later
Family Typ:
3D Generic/Manufacturer - Metric
Content Title:
Parametric Pocket Single Sliding Door - Solid Panel
Eclisse preset
File Size:
438 kB
$ 25.00

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Panel Opening easy and flexible ...
Door Panel Opening This Family gives you the possibility to have either a solid Door Panel or a Door Panel with a fully parametric Opening. You can control the Size and Shape as well as the Position of the Door Panel Opening just with a few intelligent Parameters.
Mullion or no Mullion - it's your choice ...
Door Panel Opening Mullions Additional to the fully parametric Opening this Family gives you the possibility to setup horizontal as well as vertical Mullions that can be adjusted in Depth and Thickness as well as number separated vertical and horizontal.

Open and Close the Door Panel ...
Door Panel Opening Mullions The Door Panel is not just fully adjustable in its Size and Thickness ... you even can open and close it with one instance parameter between 0% and 100% as it fits to your project Situation.