Parametric Ridge Glazing
Parametric Ridge Glazing
Ridge Glazing
Content ID:
Revit Version:
2009 and later
Family Typ:
3D Generic/Manufacturer - Metric
Content Title:
Parametric Ridge Glazing
Glazing Vision
File Size:
455 kB
$ 25.00

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Ridge Glazing for any Roof Angle ...
Parametric Ridge Glazing - Angle This Family gives you the possibility to create a detail-rich Ridge Glazing with any Angle you need for your specific Project.
Detailes based on Glazing Vision ...
Parametric Ridge Glazing - Detail Depending on the display mode you choose (coarse, medium or fine) this Family shows various Details. You can controll the visibility of the Curb and adjust the Height of the Frame Profile that shows in high detail (up to the Silicone Seal) in the Fine Display mode.